Love in the Andes

About six months ago something amazing happened. Coming back into camp after an exhausting day 2 of trekking along the Inca Trail and overlooking a panoramic view of the Andes mountains, my lovely boyfriend of almost 12 years dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. After years playing out this event in my head and preparing my calm, measured, smiling and graceful ‘yes’ moment, I totally failed and stood stock still, speechless and crying with shock and happiness. Finally (after some prompting) I obviously said yes and so it began….

After cocooning ourselves in Peru with limited internet connection, I started to imagine the wedding of my dreams. The perfect venue, amazing dress, customised food and drink, surrounded by friends and family – obviously on a day with bright sunlight, blue skies and maybe a light breeze. And most importantly everything would just come together – it would all be so easy and calm. What was I thinking?!

About the same time as the plane bounced down on the Heathrow tarmac, I realised the reality of planning a wedding. How can places be booked up every Saturday in June, July and August 2018 already? Can I really not just pick my own menu? How much for a marquee!? Really what are the point of chair decorations?! And, most importantly what happens if it rains!

So, the adventure begins – less than a year to organise a special wedding day, lose the obligatory 10kg for the dress and develop a flawless complexion.

Oh yes, and I‘m also knocking down the back of my house to extend and put in a new kitchen, whilst working a fairly demanding 70 plus hour week.

Luckily I love a challenge…

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