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I was generously nominated to complete this post by the very sweet Louise @WishfulLuxury, who like me, is planning her dream wedding this year. Please do check out her site for all things luxury, travel, weddings and little sausage dogs.

The Mystery Blogger Award was created by Okoto Enigma to give recognition to bloggers in the community and to let their readers get to learn a little bit more about the person behind the blog.


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(1) I am a northerner, born and raised near to Newcastle, but moved to London after university

(2) I recently turned 30 and am going through a bit of a re-evaluation about what is important in my life and I don’t think the answer is working 70-hour weeks anymore

(3) I’m getting married to the love of my life in June and I’m so excited!!!!


·         Our first Alphabet Date – ‘A-date’ full of adventurous eating and amusing comedy

·         The story of my wedding proposal – such happy memories


If you could have dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be?

It would have to be Anne Boleyn – the second wife of Henry VIII and first English queen to be executed on charges of treasonous adultery. Since I was in primary school I’ve been fascinated by the different portrayals of Anne either as an evil schemer who would stop at nothing to win the crown, a pawn in her family’s social climbing, or a woman in love with a man who eventually tired of her and disposed of her in the cruellest way possible. With excellent food and free flowing wine, I’d hope to find out more of the truth.

A close runner up was Victoria Coren Mitchell whose unique, unconventional attitude I really admire on programmes like Only Connect and radio 4 panel shows. I’m always saying to my fiance that I’d love to get her round for a dinner party – only I don’t think she’d come…

You’re engaged to be married, who is the first person you call and why?

Not a hypothetical question – my boyfriend of almost 12 years proposed while we were hiking the Inka Trail in Peru (you can read about the proposal here). Despite being so far away from civilisation, I was desperate to call my mum and dad to tell them the news. So we climbed to one of the highest points we could find and made the (very expensive) call. However, whilst it might have been a surprise to me, they were already in on the secret as weeks before my boyfriend had already called to ask my dad’s permission (so sweet and very traditional) and he of course had shared it with my mum.

What is the best thing about your blog?

I’m not great at self-promotion but it’s something that I love to write and I really hope that everyone who reads it takes some positivity away.

If you could be any fictional character who would you be any why?

It’s not cool but it has got to be Agatha Raisin the amateur Cotswold detective created by M.C. Beaton. I stumbled on these stories accidentally one day when trying to search BBC iPlayer Radio for some Agatha Christie plays – there weren’t any but I was bored enough to give Agatha Raisin a go instead. They are now my number one choice for to listen to while running, as I am distracted enough that I don’t realise the pain in my legs. When I retire I’m determined to live my life just like Agatha – cosy country village with just the odd murder needing solving once in a while. Bliss!

How do you make tea / coffee, milk first or milk after?

Milk after obviously! I like my tea fairly weak (described by work colleagues as like dishwater) so I use the milk to ensure it’s dilute enough.


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1.       You have had a really bad day at work, what do you do and / or who do you talk to?

2.       If you could take the trip of a lifetime where would you go?

3.       What does being successful mean to you?

4.       Describe your ideal Saturday afternoon

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